TAE Training and Assessment 40110

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TAE Training and Assessment 40110. TAE10 Training and Education Package

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In broad terms, the qualifications presented in TAE10 Training and Education Package reflects the view that training delivered in the vocational education and training (VET) environment is in fact a component of a wider community educational delivery footprint.

In addition, while the market for qualifications in the training package versions that preceded the new training package tended towards delivery in a workplace context, the evolution of the package reflects recognition that the delivery of training and education in a VET context requires wider and more diverse skills, knowledge and competence. In conjunction with this, is the growing understanding that career pathways in the VET sector also involve management and leadership as well as market development, and in particular for Australian enterprises and the export market.

The TAA40110 Upgrade Program provides the opportunity for individuals to upgrade to the new qualification. Participants must be able to demonstrate competence or hold existing qualifications or partial qualifications in BSZ40198 Cert.IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. BSZ40198 had 8 units: BSZ401 to BSZ408.

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